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Brilliant K9 Dog Treat Partner

Brilliant K9 has designed a dog harness that is ergonomically superior to anything on the market and that does not encourage the dog's natural opposition reflex (to drive their head down and pull). Dogs are able to run, swim, play, compete or move in any direction comfortably. Used by many top trainers,clubs and sporting dog professionals. Approved by MedVet the leading veterinarian knowledge site.   

Dog Training Jerky Snacks

Pinnacle Dog Sports is focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction, will do everything to meet your expectations. Pinnacle Dog Sports offering training for agility, obedience, puppy/household and private lessons.

Human Grade Beef Jerky for Dogs

Locally-owned and operated, EarthWise Pet provides one of the largest natural Dog Food/Treats and supply selections in the country. EarthWise Pet also provides a range of Groom-N-Spa services to keep your pet looking their best. 

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