All meats used in KCCANINE dog treats are farm raised and USDA Inspected. Our products are made using certified muscle meats and PEOPLE grade natural ingredients then slow cooked 8 hours in the True Jerky process.

It is a dehydration process or (cureing) so it is packed with real natural meat proteins,vitamins and trace minerals.

The whole food ingredient thing, remember?

The JERKY PROCESS is what indians and settlers used to cook and preserve  meats. It requires time and expertise for cooking process to get right. Our original process takes uncooked product and cooks /reduces/cures which actually reduces it to 1/2 its original weight.PROTEIN DENSE@HOT AIR at LOW temperature for 8 hours and cooled, then hand packed (really) with Cryo vac Store Grade packaging.All on our Certified Farm in the Flint Hills Region, Kansas.It is well known that Meats cooked at low temperatures are the Health  conscious way to prepare and preserve it.

Makes product shelf stable for 14+ months or longer


Made in small patches of 200 each protein  and is hand packed (really).

This is the "Real Deal" Model Ingredients : Meat (Protein) , Barley Grit (CARB), Turbinado RAW (SUGAR)