KCcanine Affiliate Program for Dog Trainers & All Dog Professionals in the USA

Welcome to the KCcanine Affiliate or "Paw-filliate" Program!

Real Commissions PAID for all your referrals that shop on KCcanine.com

This is a referral program for Sporting Dog professionals and anyone involved with them. There is NO COST associated to this program, This includes agility facilities, trainers, handlers, breeders, owners and Canine Sports Enthusiasts who care.

KCCanine Affiliate Program for Dog Trainers & Canine Sports Enthusiasts

The program is designed so that KCcanine products are made available to the dog community and people that truly care what they feed their dogs. You know, the ones who read labels!

  • All products are made available to you, direct from our USDA Farm, at reasonable prices. We can ship to anywhere in the USA.
  • This is an excellent way for you to make money by providing a great product to those who work with dogs who really need it.
  • We are one of the premium reward choices by professionals and especially their dogs. Once they learn about this product, they will be a steady, recurring customer.

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Affiliate Marketing Program for Dog Trainers, Breeders & Those Who Simply Love Dogs

The program works off your unique simple code and link that we create for you when you sign up. Then you share the code with customers, prospects and friends. When the code is entered at checkout, you get an average of 10% paid to you by check. Customers get immediate discounts and you get direct commissions. No need to stock products. Just have samples to show and try! Feel free to call us today for more information regarding a cost-effective inventory program.


Take Orders. Pay on the Website. From Anywhere!

Just include your custom sales code when entering the order & get commissions paid to you. Imagine someone says "Wow! Where can I get this?" Take the order right there! Include your custom sales code on your website, handouts & all other marketing tools & you will receive commissions from sales. !

Once they become a paying customer, we remember who they are and who sent them, so you continue to get paid.

Getting Started with KCCanine Starter Kit is recommended for New Affiliates

KCcanine offers a Starter Package which includes everything needed to introduce the products and start selling and referring for cash. It is a great introduction to the product family and get  your investment back + profit.

We can also run promotional specials and discounts to your members only!

Recommended Starter Package Includes:

The basic items to start selling and referring the people you already teach or train with and groups or clubs are associated with.

  • 30 Bar Packages: (6)- Buffalo, (6) Elk, (6) Beef, (6) Chicken and (6) Venison                              
  • 30 Single Bars: (6) Buffalo, (6) Elk, (6) Beef, (6) Chicken, (6) Venison & a display box

We also include: Point Of Sales signs (3), artwork for online stores, a customizable Sales sheet (PDF) and Constant Contact Services


This is a way to plant the seeds to grow your dog-loving customer base along with get great feedback from them! Have additional questions? Call 203-739-9089 or email us at info@kccanine.com!