USDA-Inspected Soft Jerky Dog Training Treats for a Motivated Pup

Our wholesome products are made in the Flint Hills of Kansas, home of the pioneering cattle drives, KC Steak and KC Barbecue! The facility is a small, family-owned USDA-Certified meat-packing house that's been in business for more than 40 years. KCcanine uses only native meats, like bison, venison, beef, chicken and Elk as main ingredients – each of which is a delicious source of nutrition for working dogs and performance dogs. Each ingredient we use is all-natural and grown/raised in the U.S. - not off-shore. We use absolutely zero additives, by-products or colors. The meats are source-verified and identity-retained. All products are artisan-crafted, hand-packed and distributed in environmentally-friendly packages. Our premium dog training soft jerky treats contain Protein Dense© muscle meat in each bar!

Where its Made

It is made on a Certified USDA farm of 45 years. Entirely produced by us.

Nutrition, Protein & How We Make It

Our meats and ingredients are all made with human grade meats and ingredients.

Professional, Sporting & Working Dogs

Our foods mirror the richness, freshness and variety of meats which Sporting dogs have evolved with and need.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities for Dog Trainers, Handlers, Breeders, Agility Facilitates & Canine Sport Enthusiasts

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